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Gratitude journal with a pen and a cup of tea.I think many of us if not most, take the time to consider what we are thankful for this time of year in particular; although I hope we do it a lot more often than that!  In my less serious and contemplative moments, here are my thoughts:


I’m thankful for the mid-term elections being over.

Thinking ahead, I’ll be thankful when the next one is over too.

I’m thankful for my new couch, which is higher off the ground, and makes me feel less old when I get up from it.

I’m thankful that during the last windstorm, my rural power line was out for only half a day vs. 6 days.

I’m thankful that I only need to have my tooth pulled, and no root canal.

I’m thankful my same pants for the last 20 plus years, still fit.

I’m thankful for having reached 70 and no bunions, no hip replacement, no knee replacement.

I’m thankful for every single thing my mother made sure I learned—especially that high school typing class.

I’m thankful that I can appreciate my one of five chickens whom I am certain is on the spectrum.

I’m thankful I can eat gluten and dairy and chocolate with impunity.

I’m thankful that I also am able to contemplate the bigger gratitude items and remember how privileged I am to currently have a life of safety, security and stability.

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