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It’s mid march, and I know all of us are acutely aware that it’s been one full year since our lives have been drastically altered by COVID-19.
During this last year, we have had many challenges- and for sure some of us have had some major life altering ones, but hopefully there have still been some bright moments, joyful moments, positive experiences, connections with self and others, new ideas and skills, and much more.

The word Goals on a piece of paper

It seems like there have been a plethora of things to watch- educational and entertainment. This TED Talk was a standout for me. One of the primary roles I have in clinical practice is to educate folks on what habit changes are important if not vital for them to make, but then comes the part of helping them to actually make those changes. Whether it’s diet changes, physical activity improvement, or other habits…. this video sets a simple goal to change our mindset and form a new habit. Check it out. I think it can really work!!!!! (SO FAR SO GOOD WITH PATIENTS WHO HAVE REPORTED BACK).

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