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I want to introduce you to a project that I was privileged to be a part of at our last national naturopathic convention. These are video interviews of practitioners who have insightful and potent messages to patients, medical students and practitioners. Friends and colleagues of mine Integrative Wisdom Video Series embarked on a project they call “Integrative Wisdom“. If you are reading my blog, you are likely an individual person seeking health education for you and your loved ones, or a student of some type of medicine, or a practitioner. These interviews will knock your socks off and I encourage you to view selections in any of the categories because the information can be relevant for all of us.

Integrative Wisdom is a collection of insights from individuals across the integrative medicine community, who share this common mission: making integrative medicine part of every healthcare discussion. They offer insights for patients, students, and practitioners, to help increase awareness of, and access to, integrative medicine.

I have three interviews that I hope you will view, in addition to the many others. Here are my 3:

In my now over 31 years of clinical practice, I have been driven and inspired and taught by my patients, the general public of health care consumers, students of many health care disciplines and practitioners across the medicine spectrum. These video interviews are beautiful, powerful, insightful messages honed by experienced and committed clinicians. May we all learn from them, grow from them, make the changes within ourselves, offer insights and education to others, and strive for robust and productive healthier peoples of this world with safe and supportive places to live in order to reach their full potential. Get ready to sit back, watch, listen, and be moved, motivated and wowed by this project done by my friends at Integrative Therapeutics. And I hope you like my humble 3 as well!!!

Click to see Dr. Tori Hudson’s Speaker Bio on the Integrative Wisdom site.

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