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Soy nuts and menopause symptomsSixty postmenopausal women were randomized in a crossover trail to either a therapeutic lifestyle changes (TLC) diet alone consisting of 30% total fat (< 7% saturated fat, 15% protein, 55% carbohydrates, and < 200 mg of cholesterol). or a similar TLC diet which included one-half cup soy nuts containing 25 grams of soy protein and 101 mg of isoflavones, divided into 3-4 doses throughout the day. For each 8-week time period, study subjects recorded the number of hot flashes. The TLC diet plus soy nuts was associated with a 45% decrease in hot flashes, when compared to the TLC diet alone, in women with > 4.5 hot flashes per day. With treatment, there were 4.1 hot flashes per day in the TLC plus soy nut group vs 7.5 hot flashes per day in the TLC diet alone group. Soy nuts were also associated with a significant improvement in other menopausal symptom quality of life issues including psychosocial scores.

Welty F, Lee K, Lew N, et al. The association between soy nut consumption and decreased menopausal symptoms. J Women’s Health 2007;16(3): 361-369

Commentary: Numerous previous studies have shown inconsistent reductions in menopausal symptoms with soy preparations, whether it be soy foods, soy beverage, soy powders or soy isoflavone capsules/tablets. In this study, it may be that the complex of a whole soy bean with a significant amount of soy protein and isoflavones were responsible for greater relief relative to most other studies. This study was not blinded, so a placebo response must be considered.

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