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One of the purposes of this blog forum is to pass on information in women’s health in the form of new products in the area of women’s health. There are two products I’d like to tell you about this month. One is a newer barrier method form of birth control, called the FemCap. This replaces the former cervical cap, which is no longer available in the U.S. The FemCap is easier to use, does not required a technical fitting session and comes in three sizes. The second product is for a very challenging problem in women’s health, that of urinary incontinence. It is not often that a combination botanical formula, “Better Woman” has been studied in a research setting and that in and of itself deserves merit. In addition, the results were very positive and has become a new tool in my practice management of urinary incontinence in peri and postmenopausal women.

FemCap – new barrier method of birth control

FemCap Birth Control - Tori HudsonNow available, and perhaps the newest method of birth control on the block is the FemCap. The FemCap is made of non-allergenic material and is designed to cover the cervix- the portal of entry for sperm, bacteria and viruses. The FemCap is designed with a groove facing the vaginal opening and stores and delivers spermicide. It comes in three sizes that fit almost every woman and does not require a technical fitting session and measurement by the health care provider. The FemCap comes in small (22mm), medium (26 mm) and large (30mm). The small size is for women who have never been pregnant. The medium is for women who have had a surgical abortion or delivered via Cesarean section and the large is for women who have had a vaginal delivery. For women who have had a miscarriage, and have a larger cervix than women who have not ever been pregnant, may required a medium size. The effectiveness of the FemCap is about 87 percent. If used perfectly, rates or effectiveness were up to 96-98% in preventing pregnancy. The FemCap is latex free, is FDA approved, and is available by practitioner prescription. It must be applied before arousal and should be kept in place for at least six hours after the last intercourse. A back up method is recommended while you are learning to use it. FemCaps have the advantage of being able to be left in with ongoing efficacy for as long as 48 hours. A FemCap comes with an instructional video. Information is available at

Formulation for urinary incontinence

“Better Woman” is a proprietary blend of twenty Chinese herbs to improve bladder control in women. Based on a study of 45 adult women, the formulation had positive results in several parameters. Participants reported the following;

75%- decreased urinary frequency
70%- decreased urinary urgency
76%- decreased urinary leakage
85%- improved energy levels
91%- increased ability to concentrate

Better Woman Urinary Incontinence - Tori HudsonIt is thought the mechanism of action, based on the Traditional Chinese Medicine theory, is improvement in blood circulation and nutrient supply, hormonal rebalance, tonification of muscle and connective tissues that support bladder health, and modulation of neuromuscular functions.

Dosage is one capsule with breakfast and one with dinner for a minimum of 60 days. “BetterWoman” is available through Interceuticals; Marblehead, MA

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