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carving of elaborate wood dragon on warm background colorI’m turning 72 in a few days.  Year of the Dragon.  I was born in 1952, year of the Water Dragon.  In 2024, it’s the year of the Wood Dragon.  From what I have superficially read, the Wood Dragon symbolizes a rebirth within.  Apparently, the Wood Dragon is very creative and curious, full of original ideas and explores lots of subjects in life.  Full of drive and motivation, confident, with a great sense of humor, perceptive in business affairs and can be very generous.  There is much more to learn about this Wood Dragon…but it’s sounding mighty good to me.

But will the year of the Dragon alter the course of my aging body?  I’m afraid not.  I’m getting used to the small incremental changes but so far, have been blessed with good health thanks to good genes, lack of poverty, good education, and robust healthy habits for decades.  Well, I could always exercise more and pass on the potatoes.

I am grateful every day to be in good health and I know that won’t last forever.  In fact, I’m at somewhat of a disadvantage for this aging thing because I’ve been so healthy.  I’m poorly prepared psychologically for impairment and dire news.  I notice I pay close attention to my patients who have rallied their inner strength and psychospiritual forces to deal with chronic health problems and even seriously progressive illnesses or terminal illness.  They are impressive; full of profound experiences that deepen their humanity, gratitude and connection with others, despite or perhaps because of the health challenges.

So here’s to the year of the Wood Dragon – living for the moment, having faith, and being resilient.

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