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Not all the readers of this blog might realize, I develop and host four licensed practitioner CME events per year here in Portland, Oregon… We are in our 20th year!!! The next one is going to be focused on preconception, fertility and infertility, October 26-28. Here is the synopsis, see below. These four speakers are truly experts in this area of women’s health and excellent teachers. In addition, we are now offering a live stream option for those who are far away. Please go to the website to check out more details, I hope to see you there!!! And, by the way, Portland in the fall is a real treat.


Preconception, Fertility, Infertility A to Z

October 26-28, 2018


Female and Male Reproductive Physiology Needed for Reproduction

Age Related Factors and Fertility

Optimizing Natural Fertility with Lifestyle/Timing/GI Health

Infertility Evaluation/Interpretation/Diagnosis- Male and Female

Egg Quality: Fertility and Pregnancy Outcomes

Top 10 Botanicals/Nutraceuticals to Support Fertility-Male and Female

Addressing the Unforeseen- The Role PTSD, Anxiety, Depression and Sexual Dysfunction in Fertility

Conventional Treatments for the Natural Medicine Provider

Thyroid Disease and Fertility

Uterine Factor Infertility

Recurrent Pregnancy Loss-A Wholistic Approach

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome- An Integrative Approach

Speakers: Corina Dunlap N.D., Carl Sgarlata M.D., Zeynep Uraz N.D., Ruth Hobson, N.D.

Option available now in addition to live attendance is LIVE STREAM registration

General CME= 13.5 hours

Pharmacy CME= 4 hours

Total CME = 17.5 hours

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