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Dr. Tori Hudson, Portland, Oregon, Blog Healthline Blog

468985537During this darkest day of winter, the winter solstice, and the holiday seasons that we each celebrate uniquely… I enjoy reflecting on the year… personal life, those of my loved ones, and those near and far whom I do not know, but share a life with on this planet of ours.  I remind myself that we are of one planet, of one mother earth, of one human kind and all are children of the universe and of those who came before us. 

I hold special thoughts for the flora and fauna of our wild places, the tribal and native peoples of our world, children, and those refugees and peoples struggling to survive amidst fear and trauma and devastation of their homes and lives.

May we all strive for in our lives and in the lives of others: safety, decent food, clean water and air, home, wellbeing, a chance to thrive, and to know and share love and kindness.

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