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Hello blog clinician visitors, friends and colleagues,

Have you heard about If not, I would love for you to learn about it. I am a member of this nonprofit practitioner-only educational resource. I wanted you to know about TAP because it really is an amazing resource for practicing integrative clinicians. This is an up-to-date clinician-tested, evidence based source of information that you can access in lots of diverse ways – audio, written, video, etc. One of the member benefits is that you can order the pdf of any published study that you want – as often as you want! There is a dynamic and lively member-only forum too.

I think you would really enjoy TAP (“teach, apply, practice”), it will help your clinical practice for sure, which will assist you in helping more patients in more successful ways, more of the time. Because I am a “TAP Expert” on the topic of Perimenopausal Insomnia, I have been given a promo code that you can use for a discounted annual TAP membership of only $99 a year (regular membership price is $149)! You can learn more at Use this Code for your discounted $99 membership: HUDSON

And, you can check TAP out here:

Here is a link to a couple of segments of my TAP interview on Perimenopausal Insomnia:

I hope you enjoy TAP Integrative!

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