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Welcome to my blog and podcast. Periodically, I’ll be posting on topics that I hope you’ll find interesting, valuable, and in some way relevant to the field of women’s health in general, and women’s health and natural medicine, in particular. My hope is, that over time, you’ll find this blog and podcast to be a source of trusted information.

Some initial thoughts…

Women’s health problems include health issues that occur only in women, (PMS, vaginitis, fibrocystic breasts, etc), issues that occur more commonly in women (osteoporosis, breast cancer, bladder infections, depression, etc), and medical problems that have unique characteristics when found in women (heart disease, cognitive function, herpes, etc). Many of these problems are more frequent nowadays than they were in previous years- conditions like PMS, fibrocystic breasts, depression, and genital herpes are increasing in their incidence and sometimes severity. Although the reasons may not always be clear, these changes can at least in part be explained by a decline in nutritional habits and exercise. Other factors include a decline in the quality of our environmental, social and financial pressures, and changes in social relationships. Women are also living longer, as many as 40 more years now than several decades ago. For women, this means we are living about 30 or more years past menopause. This leaves us at an increased risk for osteoporosis, heart disease and breast cancer to name a few. These life threatening problems for women need special attention- in both prevention and treatment.

Whether it is prevention or treatment, it is important to understand the basics: exercise, nutrition, fresh air, rest, and attention to our emotional and spiritual life. Herbal and nutritional supplements are best used in a context of these basics. A life of healthy living reaps its best rewards when started young. Augmenting these fundamental health practices with selected herbal and nutritional supplements specific to your medical history, hereditary issues and current health problems, provide a very comprehensive holistic approach to disease prevention and intervention.

I hope you find these writings and suggestions helpful to you. I wish you good health for the coming year.

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