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Oakland Bay BridgeLicensed Naturopathic Physicians have an annual national convention every summer. This year it is going to be in Oakland, California, August 5-8th, 2015. Your first reaction might be… why Oakland?!?!?! Well, it turns out that Oakland has become well known as one of the hippest cities in America… and that’s saying a lot coming from me, who hails from “Portlandia”…. Definitely one of the hippest cities in America. As chair of the convention curriculum committee, I have been intimately involved creating the program but have been joined by my able and generous colleagues, Gillian Hanson, N.D., Bradley Bush N.D. and Amy Rothenberg N.D. We have also had a wide circle of advisors. The theme of the convention is “Fresh, Sustainable and Cage Free”.

We have 6 all day boot camps (Genomics, Lyme, Fertility, Anxiety, Environmental Medicine and weight loss. There are 12 NED (naturopathic, education, doctoring) talks (yes, a take-off on TED talks) – with unique topics such as “Fecal Implants”, Sustainable Nutrition, Cell Membranes- the Theory of Everything, The Magic of Food and 8 more!!. Our NED talks include some of the most formidable and productive naturopathic physicians of our time – including Dr.’s Joe Pizzorno, Michael Murray and Tabatha Parker. We also have 11 very personal presentations called PITH (personal insightful tales of healing.) These 11 brave fellow naturopathic physicians tell their personal health/medical challenge with a major and/or chronic illness including Dr.’s Amy Rothenberg, Lise Alschuler, Jacob Schor and 8 more. There will also be expert panels in Autism spectrum, Cannabinoids, the Gut-Brain connection, and Business practices. Three of the research updates I’m excited about are on HPV Research Update and Testing as Primary Screening, Obesogens, and Autism Research Update. All 3 of these presentations are from leading researchers and scientists in their fields. We are also proud to present a forum for naturopathic original research – on weight loss, cannabidiol, lipoic acid as an adjunct cancer therapy, and more. Lastly but not least, there are 8.5 hours of coveted pharmacy hours, and a featured keynote speaker, Paul Stamets “the mushroom man”.

We hope to boldly (but humbly) go where no woman or man has gone before with the AANP (American Association of Naturopathic Physicians) 2015 educational content. If you are licensed practitioner, please join us at this 2015 AANP convention and see the fruits of our and others labors… May the healing forces be with us all……

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