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Dear all,
I’m hoping to lead another group trip to the sacred holy land of the Navajo-Canyon de Chelly, September 2-5.
Our base camp is in the valley of the canyon, surrounded by beautiful canyon walls, with beautiful moon and sun rises and sets.  We do group cooking and eating in an outdoor kitchen.  We camp in our tents with an outhouse and primitive outdoor shower.  Our Navajo guides are Lupita and Jon McClanahan, who are local canyon residents, and very special people.  We will be camping on their ancestral land, in the remote regions of the canyon.

canyon wall with ruinsOur daily activities include incredible hikes.  Not too strenuous although for some people the heights can be a problem occasionally.  We hike up and down the canyon walls, hike to Anasazi ruins, and visit a traditional birthing Hogon.  One of my favorite parts is that we will hear incredibly wonderful stories-Navajo and Anasazi history, cultural insights, ceremonial healing ceremonies and some of the healing traditions of the Navajo.  We hear of the birthing traditions, Navajo spirituality, and "the beauty way".    At night, we sit around the fire and talk; Jon or Lupita also tell some stories= grandfather fire, stories from Lupita’s childhood living in the canyon in the traditional ways, and more. 

I have been to the canyon many times in the last 7 years.  Jon and Lupita have become close friends and deeply meaningful teachers.  They are beautiful in their ways of speaking and living.  Their spirituality, and their commitment to living their lives in keeping with their traditional spirituality, is evident in all that they do.  My life has changed in extraordinary and powerful ways as a result of knowing them. 

If you are interested in this fantastic trip, write Tori Hudson, N.D. at [email protected] or call, 503-222-2322. You can also learn a bit more about the canyon and Jon and Lupita, from their website,

The cost of the trip is affected by the number of people on the trip but I anticipate 525.00. Most all of this money goes to Jon and Lupita except for the food supplies which I purchase and transport from Albuquerque. Your transportation costs to and from Chinle, Arizona are extra. I can work with you to arrange car pools/car rentals from Phoenix or Albuquerque.

Tori Hudson, N.D.

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