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I’d like to introduce a colleague, and good friend of mine, Dr. Michael Murray. You may have heard of him through his over 35 books, including the The Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine, product formulations or speaking engagements.

His latest project is to provide education on line through a summit, which I participated in. Dr. Murray is hosting one of the largest healing and wellness online summits… and you can participate…. and for free. It is scheduled for March 14-22.

Sign-up FREE, for this life-changing event, by clicking the following link:

Register for Summit

For the summit, Dr. Murray is personally interviewing 30 of the world’s top leaders in natural medicine, health and wellness.

Join me and other experts such as:
• Dr. Daniel Amen
• Dr. Mark Hyman
• Dr. Stephen T. Sinatra
• Dr. Joseph Mercola
• and… MANY MORE

I think you will find the interviews useful to you and some of your important health concerns, and you can attend and listen right at home.

And again, you can check out the all-star cast and sign up ABSOLUTELY FREE by clicking here:

Register for Summit

I hope to see you at the summit!

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