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Nausea and vomiting are the most common unpleasant symptoms during pregnancy. 50% to 90% of women experience these complications.

clip_image002This study was a single-blind controlled randomized clinical trial in women up to 20 weeks of pregnancy in Iran. 32 women received ginger and 35 received placebo. One ginger (250 mg) or placebo capsule four times per day was given over the course of four days. A four page questionnaire was used for each woman, one page per day for the four days. Women were also asked to record nausea intensity twice a day. At the end of four days, a researcher completed the questionnaire based on the woman’s responses.


Nausea intensity improved in 84% of those who used the ginger and in 56% of the women in the control group. The incidence of vomiting in the control group was 9% decreased and 50% decreased in the ginger group.

Commentary: At least four previous published studies have shown success in the use of ginger for nausea and vomiting of pregnancy. Doses of 1,000 mg – 1,500 mg per day have been used previously. The current study showed not only a positive effect, but women were satisfied with that effect and no complications were observed during the treatment period.


Ozgoli G, Goli M, Simbar M. Effects of ginger capsules on pregnancy, nausea and vomiting. J Alternative and Complementary Medicine 2009;15(3):243-246

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