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January 2013
Menopause/Hormone Boot Camp: Seattle, WA 1/12-1/13
Institute of Women’s Health– “Challenges and Controversies in Women’s Health”:         Portland, OR  3 lectures by Dr. Hudson; for full curriculum go to..  1/25-1/27
March 2013
Integrative Health Symposium: NYC   Lectures: Top 5 Herbs in Women’s Health.            Anxiety and Insomnia in Women; the fearsome twosome 3/1-3/2
Women In Balance- Keynote speaker: Portland, OR 3/15-3/16
April 2013
Institute of Women’s Health: Portland, OR  Menopause/Midlife-Women; For full        curriculum go to.. 4/19-4/21
June 2013
 Medicines from the Earth: Asheville North Carolina 3 lectures by Dr. Hudson 1. Herbs          for the Brain- Migraines, Depression, Memory 2. Botanical Research Update in           Women’s Health 3. Lesser known uses of herbs for Women’s Health Issues  6/1-6/3
 July 2013
Institute of Women’s Health: Portland, OR  For full curriculum, go to..
October 2013
 Institute of Women’s Health: Portland, OR  For full curriculum go to..


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