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This randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial with 96 menopausal women was conducted over 6 months. 66 women were given 135 mg of soy isoflavone and 30 women were given placebo. After one week, the women in the treatment group were tested and further divided into 2 subgroups, equol-producing (EP) and non equol-producing (non-EP), according to […]

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The potential for soy protein or soy isoflavones to alter bone metabolism and bone loss is currently contradictory and inconclusive. Our two best measurements are bone density testing with DXA (an xray test) measures or bone metabolism markers. The lack of agreement in the literature is thought to be related to variations in study design […]

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Soy nuts and menopause symptoms

Sixty postmenopausal women were randomized in a crossover trail to either a therapeutic lifestyle changes (TLC) diet alone consisting of 30% total fat (< 7% saturated fat, 15% protein, 55% carbohydrates, and < 200 mg of cholesterol). or a similar TLC diet which included one-half cup soy nuts containing 25 grams of soy protein and […]

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